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We Don’t Do Fun.

Normally, it’s that moment when your heart sinks. You happen to be home, early in the afternoon, when a you hear that experienced, road tested knock on the door that can only mean one...


It’s Not the End of the World

As a relatively new brewer, there is saying that I have come across again and again when conversing with more experienced brewers: Relax.  Have a home brew. For ages, whilst searching for the answer...


Are You Speaking Vulcan Or Something?

Do you remember those kids in the playground who were only ever into one thing? They often played by themselves and we’re totally obsessed with that one thing. The kind of kid into, say,...


Do The Maths

When I was a child, I remember long, almost eternal waits at a bus stop at the bottom of Castle Market in Sheffield. The most pungent smell of something I could not describe hung heavily...


Going Against the Grain

I’m possibly getting a little obsessive about brewing my own beer.  I was in my local brew shop last weekend discussing all grain brewing with shop assistant, when she referred to some brewers ‘into...


You Win Some, You Lose Some

I finally got around to bottling Ale the Lamb the other night. I don’t know about you, but some beers are just easier to brew than others! It seems as if everything went wrong...


Temperature Woes

Oh my life, home brewing is a source of stress sometimes!  For the past few days, the mind has boggles. I’m currently brewing a batch of Ale The Lamb.  After a week, I thought...

~ Try Emmanuales, Try Alepha ~


Alepha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment over a couple of pints of Emmanuales and various other craft beers.


Alepha will be launching late Winter/early Spring 2015 in Sheffield. Location has yet to be determind. Watch this space for more info.


Alepha will have a combination of Emmanuales handcrafted beer and guest ales. Beer will be free for those on the course, though a donation will be welcome.

What’s Brewing?


Stout To The Lord

Made using fresh coffee beans, cocoa and vanilla, Stout To The Lord is rich, exceptionally roasty, and bursting with hazelnuts, Stout To The Lord is gloriously dark. Brewed using hazelnut coffee beans, this stout...

Ale Mary-web2

Ale Mary

Once described as a ‘mince pie beer’, and nearly named Seven Ale Mary’s due to it’s ABV (alcohol by volume percantage), Ale Mary is a classic old English bitter with a festive twist. Made...

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